Originating from the land of Antonov the Aeroprakt A22LS is the real All Weather Aviation Alternative you’ve been looking for.

Light Wing Aviation would like to congratulate Canada’s newest Foxbat owner Warren H. on his purchase of his A22. You can watch for him in the Chilliwack BC Area.

We are proud to announce BANK FINANCING is now available on A22 Purchases in Canada

Do you crave…

  • Superior ultra light sport aircraft performance?
  • Safety that a ballistic rescue parachute and STOL capabilities offer?
  • High tech features found only on top-of-the-line, fully-certified light aircraft for less than one third the sticker price of entry-level variants?
  • Safe operating performance throughout the flight envelope,
  • An aircraft that is incredibly maneuverable and can turn on a dime both in the air and on the ground,
  • Tail-dragger performance- without the fancy footwork,
  • Cross-wind capabilities of 17 kts,
  • Cruising at a genuine 90-95 kts,
  • Stall speed of less than 30 knots,
  • Ski and/or float capabilities

Then look no further. We’ve got the light sport, ultra light solution for you!

It’s called the Aeroprakt A22LS…

This aerodynamic, forward swept, High wing sport pilot aircraft of mixed construction can transport two people over 800 statute miles at a maximum cruising speed of 155 mph. And it all begins with a quick 200 to 400 foot ground roll on a grass or concrete strip. Before you know it, you’re in the air, rapidly accelerating toward a maximum climb rate of nearly 1,300 feet per minute! But that’s not all because, with the history behind the A22LS, you have peace of mind.

The A22prototype was conceived by Yuri Yakovlev formerly of the Antonov Design Bureau engineer. His goal was simple, he wanted an easy-to-fly 545 kg Aircraft with unsurpassed pilot/passenger comfort and versatile all-round performance. First flight od the aircraft took place in 1996 and it was evident right from the beginning that even pilots of moderate ability would be able to easliy operate the A22LS. With over 300 units plying the skies of Australia, Europe and North America, the plane is thoroughly proven and exceptional from a reliability and economic standpoint.

What’s more, buyers have two paths to choose from when it comes to buying one. Pre-built, out of the box flyable Advanced Ultra-light, or Kit for allowing for Amateur-built registration (Coming soon.) By opting for the first category, operators can enjoy all of the benefits of a fully-certified aircraft minus outrageous acquisition, operating and maintenance costs. Moreover, the plane can even be used to train student pilots in an Ultra-light flight school or flying club environment. For those who no longer qualify for the standard aviation medical, the Ultralight category has less restrictive requirements may be the answer to your continued flying experience. Either way, one thing’s sure. With an A22LS, you no longer have to sacrifice performance and flexibility for affordability.

Here are highlights of the major component groups and notable features … read A22 Overview

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