A22LS Foxbat

The A22LS is the load carrier of the Foxbat family. Powered by the 4-stroke liquid-cooled Rotax 912ULS 100 hp engine, it is perfect for flying training, two-up touring and for the sport pilot who often flies with a friend. It comes standard with long range tanks, giving it a duration of over 6 hours with a reserve.

It has a legal carrying capacity of around 290 kilos, although the airframe is stressed to be safe to carry up to around 340 kilos. This weight includes the pilot, passenger/co-pilot, fuel and baggage.

Its empty weight is around 310 kilos, so with 100 hp to play with, there’s plenty of performance available. Take-off and landing distances are a little longer than the A22L but still typically under 75 metres at MTOW.

MTOW (cetified legal) 600 kgs
MTOW (airframe design) 650 kgs
Typical empty 310 kgs
Usable 290 kgs
 Max baggage (rear)  20 kgs
 Wingspan  9.55 m
 Length  6.23 m
 Height (top of fin)  2.40 m
Main gear track 1.76 m
Wing area 12.62 sq m
Wing loading 47.54 kg/sq m
Aspect ratio 7:1
Mean Aerodynamic Chord 1.4 m
Glide ratio 11.0:1
Cockpit width 128+ cms / 50+ inches at elbow & shoulder
Standard engine Rotax 912ULS (100 bhp)
Standard propeller 3-blade carbon fibre, on-ground adjustable
Max fuel capacity 2 x 57 litre wing tanks, total 112 litres usable
At MTOW, nil wind, ISA Standard Day
Take off run Under 75 m
Landing run Under 75 m
Stall (full flap, idle) 32 kts
Max flap speed 83 kts
Max manoeuvre VA 99 kts
Max level TAS 115 kts
Never exceed Vne 120 kts
Normal cruise 100 kts/> 18 lph
Economy cruise 90 kts/> 14 lph
Crosswind max (no flap) 17 kts
Service ceiling 16,500 ft
Range 615 nm
Typical cruise duration 6.25 hrs + reverse
Best climb at MTOW 900 + fpm
Typical rate of climb, single person 1,400+ fpm
Tested load factors +6 -3g
Operational load factors +4 -2g

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